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FDA Warnings about Testosterone Supplements

Recently the FDA revised their wording on Testosterone Supplement labels to include higher risks including heart attack, personality changes and infertility. The FDA in their news statement warned that “Abuse of testosterone, usually at doses higher than those typically prescribed and usually in conjunction with other AAS, (Anabolic Steroids) is associated with serious safety risks […]

Making Headway…

Reggie Clark is a dynamic force. A former NFL player, community leader, father, friend and motivated businessman. A year ago when we first met him, he was a shade of the same man he is today. His characteristics were still there, but there was no spark, no true motivation and a visible lag in brain […]

Fighting for Women with Fashion

On Thursday, October 6, 2016 it was not only a privilege, but an honor to attend the 6th annual Fighting for Women with Fashion Event hosted by Safe Alliance for the Clyde and Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter.  This event helps to build and maintain this shelter for families in need.  Carolina HealthSpan Institute has been […]


No, Bio-Identical Hormones do not cause cancer.  A very large study called the Woman’s Health Initiative (WHI-1) looking at hormone replacement and chronic disease unfortunately gave the false impression that hormone replacement was unsafe. This study used the synthetic hormone, Prempro- a combination of conjugated estrogens from horse urine (Premarin) and a synthetic progestin (Provera).  [&h...

Menopause and Urogenital Health

The most common urogenital symptom associated with menopause is dryness, followed by irritation or itching, discharge, and dysuria (burning with urination). These symptoms are the result of vulvovaginal atrophy that occurs with the absence of estrogen. We know that estrogens play a key role in maintaining vaginal health. Not only do they assist with lubrication, but some […]

Free Health and Wellness Seminar with Dr. Russo

Dr. Russo will host two free seminars on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, fitness, nutrition, general health and wellness on Tuesday, January 19th at 12:00pm and 5:30pm at the Charles Mack Center in Mooresville, NC. These seminars are both first come – first serve and interested attendees are encouraged to RSVP at 704.727.5360 prior to the […]

Dr. Russo Appears on Health Talk Radio Show with Fred Lowry

During the first week of January, 2016, Dr. Russo of Carolina HealthSpan Institute, Lake Norman appeared on a radio show called Health Talk with Fred Lowry to discuss Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, the common misconceptions and positives to our approach to therapy for hormone imbalance, post-partum and preventive medicine. Dr. Russo will be doing a […]