kids cerealKellogg’s sells several cereals with artificial colors and flavors in America, all of which target young children (take the “Baby Shark” cereal and “Unicorn themed” cereal for example). These cereals have artificial colors and flavors. Millions of American children eat these risky additives for their most important meal of the day.

Take a look at the research Food Babe compiled indicating that other countries have safer cereals than the US. All of their cereals are free from artificial colors and BHT in Australia and Europe. They have also specifically sold Froot Loops and Unicorn Cereal in other countries without artificial colors or BHT, so they already have the formula. We deserve the same, safer cereals that other countries get.

The question is, “Why should American children needlessly consume these controversial chemicals if Kellogg’s has already figured out how to make their cereals without it?”

Be sure to educate yourself on what is in the foods you are eating and be sure to choose your children’s breakfast foods wisely since cereal box marketing targets children.