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Our goal is to identify and understand the root cause of your symptoms or chronic health issues, eradicate the problem and set you on a course for optimal health!

We Understand Your Frustration!

The traditional medical system is built for acute care and disease management, and is designed to treat symptoms rather than the core problem. For almost a decade and a half we have helped over 10,000 individuals identify their core health problem increase their energy level, libido, cognitive function, strength, general health and more. Stop masking your symptoms and striving just to get by… We’ll show you how to exponentially improve your health for today and the rest of your life!

Using advanced health diagnostics, unlimited visits with members of our provider team, educational curriculums and various treatment, training and health coaching protocols, we’ll help you get to your goals in six-months or less. Achieving optimal health results starts with a different healthcare experience. After your first hour with one of our MD’s you’ll understand how our functional approach provides a unique and proven way to regain your health & vitality and feel great again!

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1

Find out if we’re a good fit for your health needs and goals. Explore our website & watch our introductory videos to learn more.

Step 2

Fill out a little health information and schedule a free call with one of our Patient Advocates to discuss your case.

Step 3

Our Doctors offer regular live presentations around the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas and have recordings available. Information is power!

Step 4

After speaking with one of our Patient Advocates, we'll schedule a one-hour appointment with one of our MD’s at your location of choice.

Step 5

If we're the right fit for you and your case is the right fit for our practice, we'll immediately help you start down the path towards health advancement and optimization!

Carolina HealthSpan Institute

At Carolina HealthSpan Institute, our focus is on educating individuals and providing them with the most effective and advanced tools, techniques and procedures to meet their health goals and optimize their lives. We strive to provide the best possible physician/patient experience and excel in the domains of preventive/proactive medicine, functional medicine and true wellness. We practice a core set of treatments founded on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and expanded to Sexual Health and Brain Function Enhancement to provide the most comprehensive reduction of adverse symptoms and prolonged health.

We believe your quality of health from your brain to your gut is your most important asset and our aim is to be your trusted partner in protecting this asset.

I have more energy and my thought processes are clearer. I feel less urgency to urinate during the day and night, and my libido has increased significantly. I simply feel better than I have in a long time, and I cannot say enough about the positive effects of this treatment.

Sharon Q School Teacher

I Want to Know More About the Solutions

Each of our solutions pages offers a general description of the conditions, background, methods, safety and results for each of our treatment or training methods. We also display supporting documentation and peer-reviewed research plus an option to go in-depth with the science behind our methods.

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Our goal is to safely and effectively optimize your health in the most efficient manner using trusted and advanced solutions.

Your outstanding experience at Carolina Healthspan Institute is at the center of our healthcare model. Experience the benefits that 30 minutes or more with a physician can mean for your health.

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