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New CHSI Fullscript Portal

Carolina HealthSpan Institute is proud to now partner with FullScript, the safest source for practitioner-grade supplements. You can now get your supplements and nutrients directly through our portal by selecting Shop in the top navigation or clicking here: CHSI Fullscript Portal. Related Blog Posts: Nitric Oxide and Your Energy Levels Belly Fat Bacteria and Your […]

Dinner Invitation from Dr. Brown!

Details: Topic: Brain Focused Wellness Speaker: Ronald L. Brown, MD – President, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Carolina HealthSpan Institute Where: Luca Restaurant – Click for details and directions – Private dining room upstairs. When: Tuesday April 4th or Thursday April 6th Cost: Free for Carolina HealthSpan Institute current patients and their 1 guest. Menu: There w...

CTE Talk as the Super Bowl Approaches

Recently a very informative and in-depth article was posted in the Charlotte Observer about CTE, a neuro-degenerative disease process linked to repeated head injuries, and some new foundations looking to increase awareness of the disease. Here at Carolina HealthSpan Institute, we have worked with many former NFL players, non-professional athletes and other victims of single […]

Neurofeedback Family Discount

Carolina HealthSpan Institute is happy to announce a new family member discount program. We now offer family members of current patients a discount on Neurofeedback treatment at both of our Charlotte locations. Family members will have a 12 month window to receive a 25% discount off their initial neuro assessment at Carolina HealthSpan Institute. This is […]

9 Brain Boosters to Prevent Memory Loss

Memory tends to decline as we age. But does it have to? The answer is not exactly black and white. Memory is much more complex than most initially think. We can measure simple and complex memory, verbal and visual memory, long and short term memory, memory recall and many more types. Memory is governed by […]

FDA Warnings about Testosterone Supplements

Recently the FDA revised their wording on Testosterone Supplement labels to include higher risks including heart attack, personality changes and infertility. The FDA in their news statement warned that “Abuse of testosterone, usually at doses higher than those typically prescribed and usually in conjunction with other AAS, (Anabolic Steroids) is associated with serious safety risks […]

New Diagnosis Methods of Concussions will be a Game Changer

Over the past 2-3 years we have seen a drastic increase in the science and general awareness of concussion. Much of the funding into the science has gone towards prevention (mostly helmets) and diagnostic care. We have taken a separate, much less traveled path towards treatment and will be publishing our first study in early […]

One High School Football Season, No Concussions, Worrisome Brain Changes

In a study, recently presented but not yet published, researchers followed a North Carolina High School football team through a single season to measure brain changes which occurred during play. Multiple pre and post brain imaging techniques were used as well as impact and acceleration helmet sensors and other measurements during the season to determine […]

Making Headway…

Reggie Clark is a dynamic force. A former NFL player, community leader, father, friend and motivated businessman. A year ago when we first met him, he was a shade of the same man he is today. His characteristics were still there, but there was no spark, no true motivation and a visible lag in brain […]

How Does Biofeedback Therapy Work?

9News out in Denver, Colorado recently used some footage from a BioFeedback/Neurofeedback taping earlier this year. Dr. Lisa Corbin, medical director for the Center for Integrative Medicine was also interviewed to discuss biofeedback and it’s recent growth worldwide. At Carolina HealthSpan, we actively work with our patients to take control of one’s health by seeing what’s [&hel...