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Omega-3 ranks among the most important essential nutrients out there today. Here’s a short list of omega-3 benefits: 1. Omega-3 benefits your heart health: An Italian study of 11,324 heart attack survivors found that patients supplementing with fish oils markedly reduced their risk of another heart attack, stroke, or death. In a separate study, American medical researchers […]

Free Health and Wellness Seminar with Dr. Russo

Dr. Russo will host two free seminars on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, fitness, nutrition, general health and wellness on Tuesday, January 19th at 12:00pm and 5:30pm at the Charles Mack Center in Mooresville, NC. These seminars are both first come – first serve and interested attendees are encouraged to RSVP at 704.727.5360 prior to the […]

New Study in Nature: Up to 90% of Cancer has to do with Lifestyle

In a new study in Nature, the scientific communities’ top journal, data was released showing that up to 90% of cancers could be related to lifestyle. Previously it was thought that the majority of cancer cases are part of the “bad luck hypothesis” but ongoing research is now showing that less than 30% of cancers […]

“Concussion” Story Plays Out in a New Way in Charlotte

Monday night on Charlotte’s Fox46, reporter Logan Sherrill debuted Part-Two of their two part series on concussions. Part-One spoke specifically to NFL Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman Joe DeLamielleure’s history with repeated head injuries and his reaction to the upcoming “Concussion” movie staring Will Smith. Part-Two focused specifically on a treatment option we offer at [...

Dr. Brown on Charlotte’s Fox46 – Monday, November 23rd at 10:00pm

Ronald L. Brown, MD will be interviewed tonight at 10pm on Fox46 about our single and multiple concussion and traumatic brain injury treatment options. This will be the the second part of a two-part series staring hall-of-fame former NFL players. View the announcement here. If you know someone who has a past history of single […]

“Squash” Bad Eating Habits

Eating local, in season vegetables is ideal. Fall vegetables are filled with delicious flavors, many nutrients, and are an excellent source of vitamins. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins C, K and A, folate and fiber. Like most of its Brassica relatives, cabbage is full of health benefits. Rich in vitamin C and fiber, […]

Bacon Causes Cancer!?

Bacon causes cancer!?  This is terrible news!  The World Health Organization (WHO) released a report this week concluding that eating processed meat like hot dogs, ham and bacon raises the risk of colon cancer and that consuming other red meats “probably” raises the risk as well.   Bad news for meat lovers?  Not necessarily.  Experts […]


New research indicates that optimum intake of Vitamin K plays an important role in longevity.  A study done in 2014 confirms that ample vitamin K intake can indeed help you live longer.  In a group of more than 7,000 people at risk for cardiovascular disease, people with the highest intake of vitamin K were 36% […]

Preventive Health Measures & New Alzheimer’s Research

Every 67 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease, and although it may not be the leading cause of death in the U.S., one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia. You may very well have found your life touched by this awful disease from a family member, relative […]

Enhance Your Health By Maximizing Your Next Office Visit

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for our patients during their office visits. We schedule each one for a ample time to discuss your health and wellness with your chosen practitioner. In order to get the most out of each of your visits with us (or any physician for that matter), here […]