Monday night on Charlotte’s Fox46, reporter Logan Sherrill debuted Part-Two of their two part series on concussions. Part-One spoke specifically to NFL Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman Joe DeLamielleure’s history with repeated head injuries and his reaction to the upcoming “Concussion” movie staring Will Smith. Part-Two focused specifically on a treatment option we offer at Carolina HealthSpan Institute. While some liberties are taken by the media in the article and video about the effectiveness of this technology, we truly believe it to be one of the most effective ways to counteract many of the long-term effects of repeated head injuries or concussions.

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To be clear, the study in which we are currently participating is not making the claim that we can stop or reverse the progression of the disease CTE. What we are claiming is that we may be able to reduce symptoms stemming from repeated head injuries, and can improve quality of life and brain function for those who may be living with the disease. CTE is currently only diagnosable via autopsy, so claims that we can impact the underlying pathology is provable at the moment.

Whether we can impact CTE or not is at the moment not our concern. There are millions of dollars being invested by multiple organizations including the NFL to study CTE and the proper diagnosis of the disease pre-mortem. However, individuals, former pro-athletes or not, who are living with symptoms stemming from repeated head injuries should not have to suffer until the disease process is better defined. We have decided, along with several other clinics across the country to intervene with one of the most effective solutions we currently have, to prove at a national level that we can make an impact on quality of life.

Neurofeedback and High Performance Neurofeedback (HPN, used in this study) are not silver bullets and work best as a part of a multi-modal approach to focus on advancing overall health and wellness of the individual. The individuals who see the best outcome also make attempts to change their diet and fitness routines, balance their bio-chemical levels and lower their stress. Although this is not part of the study, individuals seeking care outside of the study will be encouraged to make certain changes. Joe is not in any way a representative of the products used in this video.

You can learn more about the study here.

Read the full Fox46 article by Logan Sherrill here.

Funding for this study is coming in part from The Professional’s Fund. If you would like to learn more or donate directly to the well-being of former players in this study, click here.