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Carolina Healthspan Launches ReConnect™ Program with a Patient-centered Approach, Identifying Root Causes to Disease While Improving Brain Function of over 10,000 People

Cognitive DeclineCarolina HealthSpan Institute’s ReConnect™ program is designed around your health timeline, objective data, symptom severity, progression of decline, current health needs and future goals.

Are you or a family member experiencing signs of Cognitive Impairment? As we age, cognitive decline can affect higher brain functions including learning, memory, concentration, problem-solving and decision-making. Further decline can impact motor skills and eventually result in a loss of independence.

Cognitive decline can start to affect your family life, business, daily routines and eventually your emotions. Whether a slow or fast progression, “losing our minds” is just about as scary as it gets which is why the ReConnect™ program was born. Dr. Brown, Carolina HealthSpan Institute’s President & Chief Medical Officer and his team recognize brain health is at the core of healthy aging, and their approach to their ReConnect™ program is based off The Bredesen Protocol™ fundamentals. The Bredesen Protocol™ has been tested in over 3000 subjects to effectively stop the progression or reverse cognitive decline in neurodegenerative diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Are you scared of what the future may hold for you and your family, or have you lost hope? Cognitive Decline can be stopped, and even reversed. With the ReConnect™ program which involves a comprehensive assessment, multiple treatment modalities and the right team of medical providers and coaches, you can regain your memory, executive function, focus and quality of life!

About Carolina HealthSpan Institute

For almost a decade and a half Carolina HealthSpan Institute has helped over 10,000 individuals identify their core health problem, increase their energy level, libido, cognitive function, strength, general health and more. They have two convenient locations, one office being in SouthPark located off of Sharon Amity Road close to Cotswold and Myers Park, and another office in Huntersville, NC located off of Hwy 73 close to Birkdale Village. Their team’s focus is on educating individuals and providing them with the most effective and advanced tools, techniques and procedures to meet their health goals and optimize their lives. They are focused on a patient-centered approach, and providing the best possible physician/patient experience.

To prevent and reverse Cognitive Decline and even Alzheimer’s Disease, contact Carolina HealthSpan Institute today! It’s time to join the thousands of individuals who have seen their Cognitive Decline reversed through the The Bredesen Protocol™ and the ReConnect™ Program. Stop masking your symptoms just to get by. Join the program! It’s never too early to understand the health of the most important system in your body, and maximize its’ potential.

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