How we can help YOU achieve Optimal Wellness:

Has a conventional approach to healthcare failed to resolve your symptoms? Are you or loved one frustrated with the experience of the traditional, insurance-controlled system? Are you ready to start feeling like you again?

Our society has developed lifestyle habits and a healthcare system where over half of our country is living with a chronic disease. 1 in 9 individuals over 65 will develop Alzheimer’s disease and the average visit with a medical doctor is only 8-minutes. If you follow the same path as the rest of society, you’re likely going to get the same results. Different results require a different experience… Welcome to Carolina HealthSpan Institute.

We are a Functional Medicine and Brain Enhancement medical practice focused on guiding individuals toward root cause resolution and achievement of sustainable, optimal health.

From Hormonal Imbalance to Autoimmune Disorders. Diabetes to Insomnia. Depression to Dementia. They all have one thing in common: If you can identify and treat the underlying cause(s), you can resolve the symptoms and reverse the disease process.

At this event you will learn about underlying conditions causing your symptoms. You’ll gain an understating of the guiding principles of Functional Medicine and how an individualized program can help get you the health results you desire. You’ll be educated in preventing and even reversing Cognitive Decline including Alzheimer’s Disease and you will be given an opportunity to join a community focused on achieving health goals.

We believe proper education is the first step toward achieving the health goals you desire. Without education we are blind to the possibility of a new way to feel great again. So, take the first step and join us for an entertaining and educational hour about the possibilities of your health.

We encourage you to bring your spouse, partner or family member with you to this free educational event as most attendees find this education incredibly valuable even if they are just here to support their loved one.

We hope to see you there!

We recently launched the reconnect program. The ReConnect Program is based off the framework and fundamentals of The Bredesen Protocol® with variations based upon our clinical experience of improving the brain function of over 10,000 individuals. To learn more visit our cognitive decline page.