Memory tends to decline as we age. But does it have to? The answer is not exactly black and white. Memory is much more complex than most initially think. We can measure simple and complex memory, verbal and visual memory, long and short term memory, memory recall and many more types. Memory is governed by attention, executive function and overall connectivity & processing speed in the brain. Memory is key to everything from not being embarrassed at a holiday party to remembering where the coffee table is in the dark.

Unfortunately, most people don’t do much to maintain or improve their memory until they or someone they love can tell they are starting to decline. Keeping our memory sharp can truly be a matter of life or death. This great article from WebMD shows 9 evidence based brain boosters to prevent memory loss. Add in hormone balance, elimination of toxic elements and some Neurofeedback training and within 3-6 months you could have a better memory than you did at age 30!

  1. Step It Up – Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body, and your brain.
  2. Go Mediterranean – Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and fish rather than red meat is great for your memory.
  3. Engage Your Brain – Mental exercise is good for you. Any mentally challenging activity will keep your mind sharp.
  4. Stay Social – Spend some time with friends and family, it not only helps your mood.
  5. Sleep Right – Normal, restful sleep is extremely important.
  6. Stop Stress – Try different ways to relax, like meditation, yoga or a massage.
  7. Stub Out Cigarettes – If you smoke, quit.
  8. Get Checked – Schedule a free informational session with Carolina HealthSpan Institute to get checked.
  9. Use Memory Tricks – Mentally connect each new item you are trying to remember with an image.

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