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The O-Shot Explained by Dr. Russo

Are you looking for natural sexual enhancement or help with issues such as urinary incontinence? Look no further than the O-Shot®! In this short video, Kathleen Russo, MD explains the benefits of the O-Shot along with the science behind why it works so well for so many women! Click on the video to learn more! […]

Introducing Carolina HealthSpan Institute, Lake Norman

Carolina HealthSpan Institute has been the go-to clinic for Hormone Replacement Therapy, wellness and functional medicine in Charlotte for over a decade. Recently in March 2015, we decided to expand to the Lake Norman area, and create a second office, headed by Kathleen Russo, MD. Our goal was to bring the same great services and experience […]

What You Need to Know About PRP Therapy

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, holds immense promise for the treatment of injury and disease. PRP typically is injected at an injury site to stimulate the healing response with additional platelets. The hype, which started from the use with professional athletes such as Tiger Woods and Raphael Nadal, has now subsided into peer-reviewed case studies […]