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Research Based Tips to Increase and Maintain Brain Function

Last week, Lumosity, a popular “brain training” game found on phones and tablets everywhere, was fined $2,000,000 by the FTC over its claims of helping users excel at work and school and reduce or delay “cognitive impairment associated with age and other serious health conditions.” Lumosity has settled this fine and changed their marketing language […]

5 Immune Boosters

We are now into fall, and as the days get colder, there’s no better time to make sure your immune system is in tiptop shape. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot catch a cold from cold temperatures. More people get sick during the colder months because they spend more time inside, and have more contact […]

Mad Athlete Race Report

The MadAthlete Emerald Necklace 3-Day Stage Race is a grueling 80-mile running race with almost 13,000 feet of elevation gain. Competitors raced as Solo Competitors or in Teams of Two.  I ran with my running partner Shane Vanhoose as Team Trail Ghost. The race predominantly follows a gem of a 75-mile loop of hiking trails, […]

Testing Physical Activity Against Genetics

In the March 2015 edition of the journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, researchers showed the direct effects of physical activity on the body and brain using identical twins as each other’s test and control groups. This extensive study selected 10 pairs of twins who had similar exercise patterns for more than 15 […]

CHSI Sponsors Project 2 Heal 5K

Carolina HealthSpan Institute Sponsors 5K  in Charlotte to Benefit Project 2 Heal Changing the lives of children and adults with special needs, one puppy at a time, Project 2 Heal’s goal is to utilize the healing power of dogs to help children and adults with special needs and Veterans who are wounded or disabled. A […]

A New Year’s Evolution

For well over a couple of decades, without fail, health has been the number one New Year’s resolution every year. From quitting smoking to exercising more, eating better and getting more rest, health is on everyone’s mind after a hectic holiday season. Looking at the New Year as a blank slate for reinvention or at […]

What is the Best Thing You Can do for Your Health?

In a world where our average attention span has dipped below that of a gold fish (9 seconds) and everyday more activities start to pile up on our plates giving us less and less time to be “healthy,” it becomes all the more important to do whatever is the most effective, in the least amount […]

Running From Health

You may have never heard of Dave McGillivray, if you are a running enthusiast, you probably have. Dave has been the director of the Boston Marathon since 2001, technical director for 13 years prior and a participant runner since 1972. Dave once ran from Oregon to Massachusetts, on another occasion from Florida to Boston and […]