Andropause occurs in approximately 50% of men by age 55. The percentage is growing, and some studies have sited a 1% decline in average total testosterone, every year over the last 20 years for 50-year-old males. In many cases, low testosterone may be the culprit for symptoms of low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, sleep disturbances, muscle weakness, irritability, decreased memory & concentration and even depression. Safely replacing the deficient hormone with Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy may alleviate many of the symptoms of Andropause. Here’s how Testosterone Therapy can benefit your body:

Your Brain: Numerous studies have shown that Testosterone Therapy can relieve symptoms of depression. In many cases, patients also see improvements in overall mood, memory and concentration. Healthy Testosterone levels have also been shown to preserve Brain Tissue.

Your Muscles & Bones: Multiple studies have linked low Testosterone levels to weak muscles and muscle loss, and low Testosterone is one of the primary causes of Osteoporosis. Safe Testosterone Therapy can keep your muscles and bones healthy.

Sex Drive: Testosterone plays an important role in regulating libido function and sexual health.

Weight Gain: Deficient Testosterone levels are commonly associated with increased body fat, especially in the abdominal area. However, weight loss is one common benefit of testosterone replacement therapy.

Risk of Diseases: Low Testosterone levels substantially increase the risk of diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, metabolic syndrome, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis and endothelial dysfunction.

Your Sleep Quality: The quality of your sleep can be an underlying issue causing many adverse symptoms to arise. Testosterone plays a role in sleep cycles and low levels have been linked to poor sleep quality, sleep duration and sleep-disordered breathing. Balancing your hormone levels can get you back on track with your sleep!

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