Postpartum Depression

If one really thinks about the role of hormones during pregnancy, it’s not difficult to understand why, at the time of delivery when the placenta is removed, resulting in a massive hormone reduction, why a woman would experience some significant changes in her psyche. That massive decrease in hormone effect coupled with the responsibilities of a newborn baby, lack of sleep and other psychological factors, are overwhelming. For years, postpartum depression has been treated with anti-depressants, with varying degrees of success; however, this is a temporary solution, carrying with it unwanted side-effects for the short and long term. The treatment option that should work best is to treat the underlying problem, or the massive shift in hormone effect caused by the delivery of the placenta. Since the placenta manufactures most of the massive amount of hormones responsible for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, those hormones need to be replaced to maintain a healthy hormone balance after birth. If you are experiencing adverse postpartum symptoms, contact one of our experts today.