Sidney Crosby, one of the NHL’s best players of the last decade has dealt with his fair share of games missed, time lost and strong symptoms from previous concussions. A great article, written by Katie Baker of The Ringer, shows that he missed 107 games in 2011 & 2012 from a pair of collisions that left him with lasting “concussion-like” symptoms, and this week got sidelined from another one. Crosby’s most recent concussion comes at a time when concussion awareness is at an all-time high across professional sports. Rules are changing, independent “concussion spotters” are being employed and CTE is a scare for both professional and retired athletes. Cam Newton, the NFL’s reigning MVP is missing games from a concussion on October 2nd, yet 90+ percent of federal and private funding is still going into diagnostic care and preventive techniques such as helmet technology. For traditional, insurance based disease management care, rest or individual symptom treatment is still the gold standard for acute or long-term concussion.

At Carolina HealthSpan Institute we use multiple treatment modalities to attack the core problem of long-term concussion symptoms, an imbalance in the brain. Using both passive and active Neurofeedback as the core therapy, we are able to identify the core problem and treat it regardless of number of concussions, age, length since injury or other variables. We’ve proved our methods with patients of all ages, all accident or injury types and a variety of presenting symptoms. We see an average reduction in symptoms between 50-75% in a typical 90-day training program. Symptom reduction is matched with positive changes in brain performance scores and functional brain imaging. In March, Dr. Brown, his neuroscience team and a national group of MD’s and PhD’s will be presenting landmark research at an international Neuroscience conference in Chicago using these techniques to reduce symptoms and increase quality of life in over 15 former NFL players. The study, which has attracted much media attention, is currently closed and pending peer-review publication.

Don’t wait a moment longer! If you or a loved one are still experiencing symptoms from one or more previous concussions, call us today to put the power of knowledge in your hands. In 15-minutes we’ll know if we can help, or find a professional who can. That’s our promise to you.

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