Disclaimer: Joe DeLamielleure is not a representative of Carolina HealthSpan Institute or any technology used in his treatment. He received no payment for participation in this study and has no financial interest in the outcome. Joe has given permission to use his results publicly for the benefit of others struggling to find an effective treatment for similar conditions or symptoms.

On Thursday, March 30th, Fox News released their third and final segment following the Neurological treatment and “Brain Training” of NFL Hall of Fame football player Joe DeLamielleure. For 12 weeks, Joe participated in a National Study lead in part by Carolina HealthSpan Institute to see what effects a specific type of Neurofeedback would have on his brain health, quality of life and symptoms stemming from multiple concussions over years of play in College and the NFL. All retired players involved in the study played at least 3 years in the NFL and have been diagnosed with a minimum of Mild Neurocognitive Disorder. Joe, like all former players involved in the multi-site study, went through a series of objective and subjective tests to evaluate his brain health before, mid-way and at the end of a 12-week treatment period. Brain Imaging (qEEG or “Brain Map”), cognitive performance tests (Attention, Memory, Processing & Motor Speed, Executive Function and more) and a list of 16 head injury related symptoms were measured for change over the 12-Week, 24 treatment session period.

Joe’s results, both in brain imaging, performance metrics, quality of life, symptom reduction and overall brain health were dramatic. Joe improved statistically and clinically in 9/12 performance categories and had an 86% reduction in symptoms as assessed by his wife throughout training. His brain imaging changes in both connectivity and power confirm these findings. Joe has been done with brain-training now for 2-months and feels the same as he did on his last day of treatment. He and his family are noticing new improvements and changes every day in his mood, memory, attention and comprehension. Watch the 3rd segment of Joe’s story below:

Testimonial from Joe DeLamielleure

The study will not conclude until the end of June, but Joe’s results are by no means unique. Multiple former NFL players have participated in the study here in Charlotte and across the country in 12 cities, gaining similar results. Participation for former NFL players is still open until the end of April and more information can be found here. A followup study is already in the works.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, non-medication, safe and effective way to re-train brain imbalances. We, and many other groups across the country, have had much success in increasing quality of life and decreasing symptoms for individuals with PTSD, single or multiple concussions or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), ADHD (all ages), depression, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive decline and more. Neurofeedback is well researched and practiced all over the world. Research can be found at the bottom of each one of our conditions pages, found here.

If you, a friend or family member has been struggling to find a solution to your lasting symptoms from concussions, or are interested in a way to reduce your need for medication and permanently reduce your depression, anxiety, sleep or attention issues, call us to book a free informational session with one of our Brain Performance Coaches.

Update: 7/2018 – We recently launched the reconnect program. The ReConnect Program is based off the framework and fundamentals of The Bredesen Protocol® with variations based upon our clinical experience of improving the brain function of over 10,000 individuals. To learn more visit our cognitive decline page.