We pride ourselves at Carolina HealthSpan Institute on providing the best education to our patients about the latest anti-aging techniques, preventive and functional medicine and general education about their health and wellness. Over the years, Dr. Brown has also provided the same education to many professionals interested in starting their own Practice. The clinical application of functional and preventive medicine is something more and more physicians are looking to as an alternative to conventional medical models. Three years ago, we created an affiliate program to educate professionals in our Patient and Practice management model. The HealthspanMDs model incorporates clinical in person and ongoing training, business training and help, along with blueprints to get your practice up and running from scratch.

If you’re fed up with the healthcare system, long hours, on-call weekends, and insurance woes that take you away from practicing medicine, becoming a HealthspanMDs affiliate might be the escape you’ve been looking for. Remove the questions from starting a new business, work three to four days a week, see as many patients as you’d like, and receive on going training, advice and counsel from the most experienced Medical Doctors in the industry. This means more time for you and your family while your practice grows along with the ever-increasing trend of preventive medicine.

Our packages depend on your individual need, but usually we work as consultants to help you build and launch your business, and provide medical training for many different services, which you might be interested in incorporating into your practice. After the initial training and consultation, we can put together a package that works for you to continue your education and help strengthen your business.

For more information and pricing, please call our Charlotte office and ask about Professional Education.