Don’t Let Your Previous Head Injuries Define You!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your old brain back? You know, the one that functioned optimally and didn’t hurt?

The reality is, symptoms from single or multiple concussions can persist for the remainder of your life and there is not one single FDA approved medication for concussion or post-concussion syndrome.

The scientific community and media says that 99% of former NFL players will develop CTE, a Neurodegenerative Disease which is caused by repeated head injuries. If you played only in College your chance of developing CTE reduces to 91%. Only through high school, it drastically drops to just 1 in 5 individuals!

Football & CTE has been the most studied, but by no means the only risky sport. Symptoms associated with CTE involve aggression and irritability, poor decision making, memory loss, confusion, motor & speech impairment and a significantly greater risk of Dementia including Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s Disease. Here at Carolina HealthSpan Institute, we approach Post-Concussion Syndrome and Possible CTE differently. We approach ALL of the root causes to your symptoms including Hormone function, Blood and Oxygen flow, Inflammation, Brain Wave Patterns, Gut function and Lifestyle choices – ALL of which can be effected by single or multiple concussions. When you assess and optimize every factor leading to your decline, you stand an excellent change of halting and reversing the decline – And YES, even if you played contact sports at a collegiate or professional level!

Don’t let your decline, the media, or the league’s denial’s rip your hope away. You can regain your Brain Function to its’ highest level, but you must take action today! Schedule a FREE call with one of our experts to see if you are a good fit for one of our programs, proven to reduce symptoms, increase Brain Function and Quality of life for individuals with decline from single or multiple head injuries.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

- Dale Carnegie

Since 2004 our medical team at Carolina HealthSpan Institute has consistently stayed on the leading edge of Functional Medicine and Brain Function Enhancement. In 2017 we presented results from a study with 13 former NFL players showing a 75% reduction in symptoms relating to head injuries and possible-CTE along with a positive change in Brain Function and positive changes in Brain Imaging – In less than 3-Months. Ask us for our white paper on your call.

P.S. Our Concussion Programs are not for everyone, and you will see a Medical Doctor, specializing in Functional Medicine and Brain Enhancement before we ever determine if you are a good fit or not. Space is limited because of this high-touch, comprehensive approach.


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