It makes sense that even the female body parts would slowly transform the same way every other part of us changes. Everything from the actual vagina to the external parts including the labia minora and majora, the opening of the vagina, and even the clitoris lose shape, change color and actually lose weight as we age.

Hormones are constantly working to influence the integrity and elasticity of your vagina and vulva. As you age and lose your subcutaneous fat in your body, the fat in the vagina also decreases, making the lips looks thinner.

As you can probably guess, childbirth has the most dramatic effect on the vagina, especially if you have a vaginal delivery. A recent statistic shows that 30 percent of women who have a vaginal birth will have some form of trauma to the tissue and muscles in the vagina and pelvic floor.

The second major reason for changes down there is menopause and the loss of estrogen, which nourishes and hydrates the vagina. During this time, the tissue becomes dry, pale and dehydrated. The labia of the vagina can become fused and the vagina and clitoris shrink. Other changes include the labia becoming less full, losing its fatty pads and the skin losing its collagen. The end result is lighter or darker appearing labia that sag. The medical term for this is “vulva-vaginal atrophy”.

If you are experiencing vaginal dryness as a result of menopause which results in a drop of estrogen, the effects are reversible. Vaginal estrogen also can reverse the dryness caused by low estrogen.

Let’s stop and review: dryness, a smaller clitoris and thin and sagging labia that may or may not become pale pink or brown. Your pelvic floor muscles, which you probably only found out existed after giving birth and realizing you were going to urinate every time you coughed for the next two to three years, get weaker with age, each pregnancy, menopause or from simply not keeping them active.

Women who are overweight (have a BMI greater than 30) or participate in high-impact exercising put extra stress and strain on the pelvic floor muscles, further changing the shape of the vagina.

Alas, there is hope. We spend so much time focusing on the many cosmetic procedures and products that can turn back the signs of time on our faces and bodies, but almost zero attention is given to how we can keep our vaginas and vulvas healthy.

The O-Shot involves drawing blood from your arm and then processing it to obtain blood- derived growth factors to insert into the vagina and clitoris. When this Platelet-Rich-Plasma PRP is injected the stem cells it contains multiply and help grow healthier vaginal tissue. The potential results include everything better quality orgasms to increased lubrication and relief from urinary stress incontinence.

Dr. Russo is one of only a few hundred physicians in the United States that is qualified and credentialed to perform this trademarked procedure.

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