Join Carolina HealthSpan Institute Lake Norman on Wednesday, September 14th for a FREE seminar on Hormone Balance. Kathleen Russo, MD is on the of the Nation’s leading Functional Medicine and age management experts. She has practiced medicine all over the world, is a fellow in Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil and runs multiple Ultra-Marathons each year in the United States.

In our first FREE open seminar to Lake Norman Residents, facilitated by a physician who truly practices what she preaches, you will learn about proper hormone balance, and how not having balanced hormones can affect your life!

What Will I Learn?

  • What’s really in the Literature?
    • There are many misconceptions in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapy. You’ll get the true story from one of the World’s pioneers on the subject.
  • Regain Your Energy, Libido and Mood
    • Learn the keys to feel like you’re 30 again!
  • The Sage & Effective Way
    • Hormone Replacement Therapy is not the same everywhere. And if started and managed improperly it can have zero or even negative effects. 10,000 patients have helped us perfect our protocols.


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