Many of our readers come to us for hormone deficiencies, brain function optimization and general wellness, but sometimes we all need a little help in other areas of our lives too. One of those areas is motivation. Below you’ll find 8 ways to fuel your motivation.


Motivation is a common commodity when you’re heading to the beach or shopping for a new car. But some tasks are not enjoyable, and motivation can be challenging to find. Creating motivation is a skill, and there are several techniques that can be helpful. The ability to motivate yourself is among the most important skills you can have.


Try these tips when you need to boost your motivation:


  1. Keep your attention on the end result rather than the process of getting there. When you find yourself getting bogged down with a large project, remind yourself of the goal. It’s challenging to get started when it’s necessary to put in 100 hours of work or to lose 50 lbs. If your motivation is waning, focus on how great you’ll feel when the objective has been met.
  2. Schedule regular breaks. Working for 8 hours straight might seem daunting, but knowing you can take a break in 60 minutes can free up your mind enough to focus intently for an hour. Approach your work 60 minutes at time, and you’ll be done before you know it.
  3. Stand up and move around. Short periods of intense exercise can improve creativity, sharpen the mind, and decrease stress. Find an activity appropriate for your environment.
  4. Give yourself rewards as milestones are reached. Think of a few self-indulgences that you consider motivating. Break your work into reasonable chunks, and give yourself a small reward as intermittent milestones are met.


  • These rewards don’t have to be large or time-consuming. A cup of coffee or a short break might be enough to get through a rough patch.
  1. Do whatever it takes to get started. It’s surprising how motivation can seemingly appear from nowhere if you can just take the first step. Waiting for inspiration to get started is a mistake. You’re likely to notice the work wasn’t nearly as disagreeable as you might have thought. You’ll probably be impressed with your progress and begin to feel motivated.


  • Whether it’s writing one sentence, making one phone call, or doing one pushup, do whatever it takes to get the ball rolling.
  1. Find inspiration through a song or video. YouTube is loaded with inspirational movie clips and presentations. Maybe a particular song motivates you. A couple of minutes spent on this sort of activity can be well worth the time. Consider listening to a favorite song or watching a video on your break time.


  • Avoid getting distracted and wasting hours. Five minutes is enough!


  1. Use a timer. A timer is very effective to help focus the mind and get things done. Knowing that the seconds are ticking away motivates you to keep going.


  • Having a timer also eliminates the question of deciding how much to do or when to stop and take a break. You stop when the timer stops.


  1. Make a list of the benefits you’ll receive upon completion. Will you finally have the money to pay all of your bills and take a trip? Will you be proud to show off your body at the beach? Can you realize your dream of gaining acceptance into graduate school?
  • Keep the list handy, and review it whenever your motivation is lacking.


For people seeking their best performance in work, school, sports, or creative pursuits, neurofeedback can help the brain function better. Neurofeedback trains the brain to have more optimal connectivity and healthier brain patterns. A healthier, more efficient brain leads to a healthier, more satisfying life.


If you find yourself struggling to maintain motivation and are not achieving as much as you’d like, consider neurofeedback as a pain-free and medication-free option to obtain increased performance.


Strive to further develop your ability to motivate yourself. Self-motivation is a powerful tool for creating a successful life. Remember that the most challenging task can be to take the first step. Get started, and you’ll find your motivation begins to grow.