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Carolina HealthSpan Institute

A Functional Medical Clinic That Puts You First! Carolina HealthSpan Institute has been one of the Southeast’s premiere functional medical clinics for over 12 years.

Our focus is on educating individuals and providing them with the most effective and advanced tools, techniques and procedures to meet their health goals and optimize their lives. We believe your quality of health from your brain to your gut is your most important asset and our aim is to be your trusted partner in protecting this asset.

A multi-location private medical group consisting of expert medical doctors, specialized practitioners and licensed clinicians who focus on treating the whole person. We pride ourselves on spending extensive one-on-one time with each individual which allows us to build an optimization program focused on your needs and goals rather than some cookie cutter treatment plan. Our goal is to find the core of the problem, and fix it, rather than simply mask the symptoms. We have consistently evolved over the last decade to meet the needs of our customers and we maintain our medical advantage with proven effective technologies, therapies and procedures.

We are not a medical facility with treatments dictated by insurance companies and pharmaceutical reps. We are not a group that will just write you a prescription and send you away hoping for the best and we do not try and squeeze in as many appointments as we can in a day to increase profitability while sacrificing quality time with the patient.

An individual interested in educating themselves in the proper diagnostic, preventive and functional care practices to control their own health. This individual realizes this level of care may come at a cost outside that of traditional disease management medical care and insurance reimbursement structure. They value extended time with expert members of their care team and place a priority on their continued health & wellbeing. If you identify with this description, you’ve come to the right place.

Shannon McIntosh
"Carolina HealthSpan Institute keeps me on top of my game when it comes to my peak mental and physical performance! From the track to around town in Mooresville, the entire team keeps me physically fit and mentally straight."
D. Miller
While visiting Dr. Russo at the Carolina Healthspan Institute for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, I noticed a book explaining the benefits of the "O-Shot." As a 55 year old, menopausal woman with three grown children, I was eager to try the O-Shot for my urinary incontinence while sneezing, coughing, or exercising. I am so happy I put my trust in Dr. Russo's recommendation to try the shot for my urinary issue.
Joh Warren
"The folks at Carolina Healthspan and Dr. Brown are absolutely fantastic. My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Brown since 2004. We have never felt better. It's not just hormones anymore. The institute offers the most advanced diagnostic testing and treatment offered by physicians who practice preventive medicine today. If you're really serious about your health, you need to check this out!”

Considering hormone replacement therapy? Barraged with conflicting messages about its safety? Do you wish you could cut through the confusion and find out exactly what you stand to gain or lose if you choose the HRT path?

In The Youth Effect, Dr. Brown offers a clear, concise view to the heart of these weighty matters. Here, you’ll learn why just about everything you’ve read in the media about HRT is wrong.

The Carolina HealthSpan Institute Team - Charlotte & Huntersville


Our goal is to safely and effectively optimize your health in the most efficient manner using trusted and advanced solutions.

Your outstanding experience at Carolina HealthSpan Institute is at the center of our healthcare model. Experience the benefits that 30 minutes or more with a physician can mean for your health.

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