Weight Loss Program

Every year a new diet or exercise fad sweeps the nation and yet most people don’t create the health progress they want. That’s why having a certified health coach guide you through our physician lead program makes all the difference!

A New Approach To Weight Loss

New studies have proven that when behavior modification is combined with any weight loss strategy, the results are far better. Our weight loss program incorporates personal results coaching so that you not only lose the weight, but you learn how to keep it off! Dr. Russo and our team will address physical weight loss and our coaches will be working with you to resolve the mindset/behavior issues. You’ll be creating a new approach to food, exercise and dieting unlike anything you’ve tried before and will develop a mental attitude that, no matter what it takes, you will reach your goal weight!

Having a Certified Health Coach

Great coaching is a key component in optimizing not only your health but your overall sense of purpose and well-being. Our health coaches have the tools and strategies to help you get clarity and focus, and ultimately determine what you really want and develop the steps that will help you attain it.

Imagine life with no limitations

If you want to have new results in your life, then you need to change your thoughts and beliefs. Our health coaches will teach you about the 3 Pillars of Weight Loss:  Focus, Self-knowledge and managing your mind and emotions. This is no “cookie cutter” coaching. Your program is designed especially for you, focused on your own unique needs.


You are not in this alone. Our MD supported program provides regular meetings with our health coaches to give guidance with behavioral changes, psychological understanding & nutritional discipline as well as accountability. We believe this is key to a positive weight loss experience & helping you achieve & sustain your weight loss goal.

Medication & Supplements

Our combination of naturally compounded medication and pharmaceutical grade supplements will help you lose weight while burning fat, reduce cravings, suppress your appetite and enhance your energy. These agents will help you safely achieve rapid weight loss.

Success & Balance

This program is designed in four phases to help you achieve maximum weight loss in a healthy time period. Throughout the program you will learn how to make healthy food choices and develop a new way of thinking about dieting and eating. With this knowledge you will be able to reach and maintain your goal weight while improving the quality of your life.


Our goal is to safely and effectively optimize your health in the most efficient manner using trusted and advanced solutions.

Your outstanding experience at Carolina Healthspan Institute is at the center of our healthcare model. Experience the benefits that 30 minutes or more with a physician can mean for your health.

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