Understanding Your Health Baseline

You’re Only as Healthy as Your Weakest Organ System

Your Brain is the master organ, so keeping it healthy and increasing its function has the power to improve your entire life. We’ve been helping individuals improve their brain function for over a decade through advanced medical care, functional diagnostics, and lifestyle strategies. The road toward your health goals can start immediately!

Healthcare With a lot More Health in it

We take a smarter approach to maximizing your health. We use advanced functional diagnostics, provider time, and personalized lifestyle and medical programs to help you achieve optimal health!

Individualized, Programmatic Approach

The ReConnect Program is based in Functional Medicine principles. It is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease, reduce symptoms and promote sustainable, optimal wellness.

Applying Today’s Research

The gap between emerging research in technology, effective treatment modalities and lifestyle intervention and integration into traditional, insurance supported medical practice is enormous. This is particularly the case in the area of complex, chronic disease such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Education & Training Gap

In medical school, most physicians receive less than 5 hours of education on nutrition, sleep, stress or other lifestyle factors. However, these are the main factors leading to chronic disease. Most physicians in traditional practice do not have the time, nor are they adequately trained to address the underlying causes of complex, chronic disease such as Alzheimer’s.

Who’s the Boss?

Insurance & pharmaceutical companies are at the heart of our health care system. They dictate covered diagnostic procedures and “acceptable” treatments to doctors who, in turn, are at the mercy of insurance companies for reimbursement of services.

Information Overload

With all of today’s influences, it is easy to be overloaded with information about health. From television advertisements asking you to talk to you doctor about a new pharmaceutical drug, to the latest celebrity endorsed diet. How do you truly know what is best for your individual health?

You ARE Unique

Everyone’s anatomical and physiologic makeup is different. Without understanding your individual health, organ system’s functionality and what is going on inside YOUR body, how can you properly treat adverse symptoms or optimize your health?

Underlying Issues

Our current health care system is built to give you the best care possible when you are sick and manage disease once it is diagnosed. Preventive medicine looks to eradicate the root of the problem and erase underlying symptoms or precursors before they turn into disease.

Balancing Your Life

We spend years learning how to correctly balance our lives; but mental, physical or age-related symptoms can throw our lives out of balance…


Your families’ medical history is a large factor in your future disease risk.


The single most important factor to your health. If you are only able to do one thing for your health, make it a balanced diet.


Exercising properly for your body and lifestyle is crucial. We don’t all have time to be in the gym two hours a day. Creating a targeted routine for your goals is is a much more efficient way to establish good fitness habits.


Provides income and for some it is very fulfilling. Work adds stress to our lives and stress is the #1 proxy disease killer in the USA.


We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is the body’s main recovery system. If you’re not sleeping well, your health is not in balance.

Your Family:

Maximizing your quality time with your family for years to come means staying in good health.


Mental, physical or age related symptoms rain on your parade. Many times we believe that symptoms we are experiencing are just part of the aging process.

I’m Sick

We visit the doctor usually only when we are sick. Many times your symptoms are treated without finding the underlying problem. Effectively masking, but not solving the problem.


Effective treatment involves finding the true underlying issues, eradicating the precursors of disease and creating an individualized treatment plan catered to your needs and goals.

Electro-Physiologic Brain Assessment:

Using a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG), we are able to create a “Brain Map” of the electrical activity your brain produces. The function of this activity helps our physicians understand your brain power, speed, efficiency, cognitive capacity, processing power and working memory. Using this technology, we can also rule in or out head injuries, learning disabilities and even allocation of brain resources (similar to IQ)

General Physiology and Bio-Response:

Your primary care provider will check your cholesterol level for indications of heart disease. We use Biofeedback measures to understand:

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – An indication of stress level and overall cardiovascular health
  • Total heart power – An indication of future disease risk
  • EMG – Muscle tension and stress response
  • Temperature Regulation – Your control of your own body’s temperature
  • Respiration – How you breathe affects much more than you think!
  • Overall Stress Response – Are you sympathetic or parasympathetic dominant?

Nutritional Assessment:

You will have an in-depth diet, lifestyle and habits consultation, and receive a customized plan catered to your life and future goals from a certified Health Coach.

Take Control

Early detection of disease can save your life. Prevention can allow you to maintain your independence and save you and your family a fortune later in life.

Comprehensive Health Plan

You deserve to not only fully understand your health, but have a plan for future improvement and results!

Peace of Mind

A full understanding and plan for optimization of your health can allow you to live your life with peace of mind and freedom knowing your health is in good hands… yours.


Our goal is to safely and effectively optimize your health in the most efficient manner using trusted and advanced solutions.

Your outstanding experience at Carolina Healthspan Institute is at the center of our healthcare model. Experience the benefits that 30 minutes or more with a physician can mean for your health.

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