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You are an individual, not a number. Your health is complex and deserves to be treated as such. All our services are scientifically validated, safe, effective and our particular methods and protocols have been developed over years of optimizing patient’s health.

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Functional Medicine

Comprehensive Care and Optimization programs for those with a chronic condition, long standing symptoms, or brain dysfunction. We’ll identify the program, develop the solution and get you back on track toward optimal health in a specific time-frame.
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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Brown built this practice on being an international leader in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapy. In 2007 he wrote The Youth Effect: A Hormone Therapy Revolution which quickly became one of the most sited and acclaimed books in the field.
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Platelet Rich Plasma for Sexual Health (PRP)

Also known as PRP Sexual Enhancement for Women and PRP for Sexual Male Enhancement. If you have erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence, PRP can help alleviate your struggles. We use the most highly rated technology in the Carolina’s and have some of the highest success rates for these procedures in the nation!
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Neurofeedback is a way to understand your underlying brain function and use it to re-train your brain to function optimally. Conditions such as ADD, Concussion, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Seizure Disorder have found staggering success with Neurofeedback where other treatments have made minimal or no improvement. Safe, effective, side-effect free and no medication involved.
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Functional Lab Analysis

Most providers look at your basic labs to make sure you are within “the normal range.” We use functional blood chemistry, advanced hormone analysis, nutritional & toxicity components and more to understand your real values and what they mean for your health today and in the future, rather than just relying on a range. Find out more about what we use and why.
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Gut Health

Inflammation is at the core of almost every major chronic disease. This includes heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders and many, many more. Your gut may be at the core of the problem… So why has traditional medicine ignored it for so long?

How is Carolina HealthSpan Institute Different?

The traditional, insurance-backed medical system is built for disease management and acute injury care. The hospitals, primary care offices and specialty clinics around the United States are the best in the world for this level of care.

The system is not built to keep you healthy or advance your health. It is not built to properly educate you to care for the health of your family, or to accurately measure and track function and performance over time to optimize your healthspan and longevity.

Because of pharmaceutical company intervention, the traditional healthcare system is trained to mask symptoms rather than finding and eradicating the core problem. And because of their business model, the only way to increase profitability is to see more patients and decrease average time spent with a doctor, if one is seen at all.

We offer a different experience. It starts with free education and an hour visit with an MD and ends with exponentially greater results. Whether you’ve been a flip-flop dieter for years trying to lose those last 15 lbs, or are on more medications than you have reasons for, we can help. Join us for a free live presentation with one of our MD’s or view one of our recorded webinars for more information on how you can start down the path towards Optimal Health today!

The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Don’t be insane… Schedule a call with one of our experts.

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“Since doing Neurofeedback in the summer, I feel like a different person. Neurofeedback has really helped change my life and I feel like I’m getting to know myself in a new way without all my anxieties!


thumb_02_60_60 Chris K.

Local Business Owner

“When I came in I was experiencing a lot of panic attacks and anxiety. Panic made me afraid of doing everyday things like driving, flying and working in a tall building uptown. With neurofeedback, I was able to conquer my fears. I just feel like a normal person now.”


thumb_03_60_60Caroline C.

Flight Attendant

“I am a 57 year old flight attendant who lives in Florida and feels unquestionably Dr. Brown and the Carolina HealthSpan Institute has literally changed the way I migrate my way through life as a woman in her fifties and travels a lot.”



Our goal is to safely and effectively optimize your health in the most efficient manner using trusted and advanced solutions.

Your outstanding experience at Carolina Healthspan Institute is at the center of our healthcare model. Experience the benefits that 30 minutes or more with a physician can mean for your health.

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