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Seth Conger

Seth is the Chief Operating Officer at Carolina HealthSpan Institute, responsible for business development, expansion of services and locations, research, marketing, education and the Neuroscience Division. He also works with clients as a performance coach and utilizes various forms of Neurofeedback & Biofeedback to make positive life changes. Seth is a BCIA board certified technician.

Seth’s work at Carolina HealthSpan focuses on developing advanced business and patient care models to elevate the patient experience and provide effective treatment and improvement in the most efficient time frame. Seth works with an international network of Functional Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Neuroscience physicians and scientists as well as technology manufactures to develop systems, strategies and protocols to advance health in many domains. He has presented and lectured at international Neuroscience conventions, and has personally seen major brain and body health advancement from adhering to Carolina HealthSpan’s Optimal Health Programs.

Seth has worked as a Brain Performance Coach with NFL Players, Veterans, former professional athletes and more to re-balance and optimize brain function.

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