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Margaret Conger, BCB-T, CNA

Margaret has an innate ability to connect with individuals, discover root causes to stress and autonomic nervous system dysfunction and provide practical & useful techniques for long-term improvement. Her technical Biofeedback and Yoga capabilities support her in reducing both general and chronic stress, anxiety, depression and more.

After receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts in North Carolina, Margaret traveled west and joined Tahoe Forest Hospital District where she was exposed to a wide range of healthcare including emergency care, surgical procedures and holistic approaches.

  • Board Certified Biofeedback Coach
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Nurse Assistant
Early in her career, Margaret suffered from high levels of stress and sought out yoga therapy for potential relief. After attending her first yoga class, Margaret found dramatic improvement both emotionally and physically, which sparked the desire to help others experience the same healthy balance.  After being accepted into nursing school, Margaret decide to leave traditional medicine to pursue a preventive approach to healthy living with Biofeedback, Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Breathing Techniques. Margaret’s unique ability to merge several alternative methods together with Biofeedback helps individuals achieve and sustain a calm and balanced life.

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