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Gabe Rocha, PA-C

Gabe is a Yale University-trained Physician’s Assistant (PA), practicing medicine since 2010. As a US Navy Veteran, he has special interests & experience in Neuropsychiatric conditions, Functional Medicine, Neurofeedback, Geriatric Care and Sports Medicine. Gabe has been trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy directly by Ronald L. Brown, MD.

Gabe has completed multiple fellowships in hospital medicine, internal and geriatric care and has three and a half years of service as a PA and officer in the United States Navy, specializing in sports medicine and as a medic in the Army, with 19-months combat experience. Gabe has a well-balanced knowledge and practice of internal, physical and neuropsychiatric medicine – combining these experiences to provide his patients with a fully integrative approach to health promotion and disease prevention.

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