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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Questions about insurance, becoming a new patient and our policies can be found here.

Does Carolina HealthSpan Institute Take Insurance?

Carolina HealthSpan Institute is an out-of-network provider and does not accept insurance payments for any services. We will, however, provide you with a statement of services and fees paid which will be properly documented with appropriate diagnosis, laboratory, and procedure codes. This often will suffice for insurance reimbursement, and if not, should certainly apply toward a deductible or flexible spending account.

Patients cannot file any claims with Medicare because we have “opted out” of Medicare.

Once we book your initial consultation with one of our Physicians, we will email you a link to our new patient questionnaire. Please fill out the patient questionnaire as soon as possible. Our patients being seen for hormone deficiencies need lab work, and sometimes this is scheduled before or after their initial consultation. During the initial consultation, one of our physicians will spend about 45 minutes going over your past medical history, discuss your symptoms, general health, wellness and treatment options. A follow up appointment (included) will be booked to go over your lab results or brain function analysis results and discuss the best method of treatment and optimization going forward.

If you are on testosterone from a compounding pharmacy, the law states that you must be seen by a doctor every six months to continue your prescription. If not, we require an annual visit. We offer phone consultations if it is too inconvenient to come into the office.

If you are in a program for Neurofeedback or Biofeedback, we require a minimum of one visit per week. The more you come every week, the quicker the improvement.

We believe that every patient’s treatment and optimization regimen is different, and our team of providers will work with you to design a comprehensive care or optimization program that is right for you. Over the years, we have realized that in order to maximize your health, you need much more than just an office visit or two per year. We want to provide the ultimate healthcare experience and help you reach your goals.

Hormone Related Questions

Questions about Hormone Replacement Therapy can be found here.

My Doctor is Skeptical About Hormone Therapies. How do I Approach the Conversation?

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a specialty and not all physicians understand the complications of proper treatment. Doctors naturally want what’s best for their patients, but it is getting increasingly difficult to sift through all the literature today to find the best practices for all types of treatments. We have a very specific way of treating each individual case and our practices are built from treatment of over 10,000 individuals. Our physicians are happy to explain all the benefits vs. risks of BHRT during your consultation.

How Long Until I Feel the Effects of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

This question greatly depends on the individual and method of treatment chosen. Some patients feel the effects in a matter of weeks, others in the first couple of months. We will work with you during the first couple months of treatment to find the optimal frequency for your individual treatment plan.

Are There Side Effects Associated with BHRT?

There are very few side effects associated with BHRT and the potential ones are classically linked to dosage. If you are experiencing any negative side effects after starting medication, give us a call and ask for one of our nurses to discuss the issues we are having. After the conversation, we should be able to balance your hormones properly and all side effects will usually disappear.

Does BHRT Increase My Risk For Cancer?

No. Bio-Identical Hormones do not cause cancer. In fact, it has been shown that hormones actually reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases in women. A full explanation of the myths of BHRT can be found in Dr. Brown’s book, The Youth Effect, available online, and given to all new patients. We have also written many articles about the risks and rewards of BHRT, in many cases helping our audience better understand the claims of the mainstream media, or parameters of a recent study.

Can I Have my Primary Care Physician Order my Blood Work so I Can Bill Insurance?

Unfortunately no. We will arrange for you to have your blood work tested at one of our preferred partner’s facilities. This ensures you get the correct tests and our physicians receive them in the format they require. Different labs have different reference ranges for the same tests and many Primary Care offices will not order the full panel our physicians need to see. This can delay the process and your treatment. We have preferred pricing in place with LabCorp and your cost through our system is significantly less expensive than on the open market. You may have a hard time ordering our advanced tests through your doctor. Because of our bulk discount, the tests we order are generally also less expensive than ordering through your doctor – even if you have insurance!

We will provide you with a superbill and receipt with all the correct codes so you may submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Sexual Health Questions

Information about the O-Shot® and the P-Shot® can be found here.

If you have not yet visited our Sexual Health page, please do so here

What Should I Expect During my Appointment?

Dr. Brown or Dr. Russo will review your medical history, explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. You will be given a topical numbing cream to apply to the injection area. The doctor will draw and prepare your blood. Once the PRP is ready, the doctor will make the injections. The whole procedure should last no more than 30 min.

Does it hurt?

Most women and men are quite comfortable during the procedure. The numbing cream is very powerful, so the only discomfort may be a slight pinch. The numbing sensation may last for 30-60 minutes after the procedure.

Are there any side effects or Downtime?

There are typically no side effects or downtime with either the O-Shot® or the P-Shot®. Patients are encouraged to go back to work, exercise if they wish and even engage in sexual activity the same day as the procedure.

Is this procedure FDA approved?

PRP procedures are not drugs, and therefore are not regulated by the FDA; however, the PRP kits and the Magellan centrifuge we use are approved by the FDA. PRP procedures have always been known to be safe, and are being shown in many specialties to be effective treatments.

Will I Need More Than One Procedure?

There is no limit to the number of O-Shots or P-Shots a woman or man can safely have and there is usually an additional benefit with each shot. Every individual is different, so we suggest having this discussion with the doctor during your first procedure.

Neurofeedback Questions

We have partnered with AboutNeurofeedback.com for access to material concerning Neurofeedback and have found their descriptions, articles and FAQ’s very accurate.

Please visit their FAQ page to find answers to common questions surrounding Neurofeedback.

Can I come in for a face to face information session?

Yes, if you would like to book a free 30 minute information session with one of our Performance Coaches in the office, we would be happy to make an appointment for you. Many times this is the easiest way to learn about Neurofeedback and we encourage you to come visit us today! Call us at 704-333-4817 to book your free session today.

Is Neurofeedback available at both locations?

Yes it is! However the initial Neurological Assessment is only available at the Charlotte location. Individuals who wish to be treated at our Lake Norman location will need to make a two visits to our Charlotte office for pre & post testing.